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Average Rating: No ratings yet. is a relatively nice place to order Primobolan online, but with so many rules to follow before placing an order. First, you cannot buy steroids there if you’re under 21, your communication is limited to emails, and you cannot sue them if anything goes wrong. While these are reasonably sensible measures, they can really compromise your experience.

Rules to adhere to at PureGear when buying Primobolan

Another thing, money transfer might not be safe here. In fact, web review sites such as Scam Alert advice against sending them any money or providing your credit card information. Perhaps, this indicates a history of fraudulence or a red flag for operating behind an unsecured web server.

Anyway, judging from all the user comments and ratings online, there’s nothing outright fishy. Therefore, you are likely to buy quality Primobolan for your fat loss cycle and achieve maximum benefits. They also allow wholesale purchases and their prices are not that bad. US citizens can also order here even though their laws are strict on steroid use. They can easily send your package discreetly via USPS which is very reliable for shipping.


  • Account creation, ergonomy and ordering process - 53
  • Prices and products - 50
  • Customer service - 52
  • Cycle and Products advice - 49
  • Methods of payment and methods of delivery - 52
  • We made a real order, and the verdict is... - 46


If you dislike rules & live outside the US, PureGear may not be the ideal place to order Primobolan. Nonetheless, you can order quality steroids here, and still have some cash left. Our review has more.

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Niels Dowell

All I can say is that PRIMOBOLAN is an incredible product. But for more effectiveness, you should take it at least every two days. Your veins will appear from everywhere and you will appear extremely dry and thin.

Vince Taylor

Very good product, it is the third time now that I take PRIMOBOLAN and I am always amazed by the results.

Rob Horry

It works terribly well, combined with testosterone in small doses. My veins did not take long to appear after just one month of use. It is a product created for the Apollos.