The Positive Benefits Of Primobolan

What we need to consider is how and why it is useful within such a scenario, and which elements of its functionality are going to be the most useful.

Rather than providing an umbrella of benefits on offer by this steroid, we will instead consider the different scenarios where it is likely to be used and factor its positive benefits into these scenarios to determine how useful it may be.

We’ll start with athletic application before moving onto its functionality within a bodybuilding cutting and bulking scenario.

It’s worth noting that the effects outlined in this section can be achieved when using either primobolan oral, primobolan depot or injectable primobolan acetate though the dosing and administration principles will change per substance (as we’ll soon outline.).

Also, such positive effects only come from sourcing your steroid from a reliable supplier, whose products are safe, properly dosed and thus effective – check out MyoGen Labs and their PrimoGen 100 (, for example: it carries one of the safest ratings of any anabolic steroid, making it the preferred choice by countless bodybuilders and athletes.

What To Expect When Using Primobolan For Athletic Performance


What history shows is that primobolan is without doubt useful within an athletic capacity; as many athletes throughout the 80’s and Alex Rodriguez himself can attest to. What we need to consider then is how and why it is useful within such a scenario, and which elements of its functionality are going to be the most useful.

From observing its structure, we know that primobolan can:

  • Safeguard existing levels of lean tissue through nitrogen retention, which will in turn enhance recovery ability in between physical performances
  • Provide a marginal but noticeable boost in strength
  • Provide a marginal but noticeable boost in muscular endurance
  • Provide a means of sustaining existing body weight effectively through fat reduction

All of these elements combine together to lead to a product that is capable of subtly enhancing athletic performance without providing easily detectable physical alterations and unwanted body fat (which could be detrimental to performance / weight class competitors.)

The lack of both androgenic and estrogenic side effects also means that this is one of the most “stress free” products available on the market; ideal for implementing into a performance setting as ease of use / accessibility are key so as not to agitate daily structure / routine.

What To Expect When Using Primobolan During A Bodybuilding Cutting Phase 


This is where primobolan is used to its greatest extent as its natural merits naturally match the needs of those who are performing a bodybuilding cut.

With this compound you have:

  • A means of protecting and even further developing existing muscle mass
  • A means of sustaining strength levels
  • A means of directly attacking the fat cells in the body via lipolysis
  • A very low risk of side effects occurring

The lack of estrogenic sides means that you’re not going to face any unwanted water retention; when you combine this with enhanced fat burning potential and lean muscle / strength sustenance, you’ve got what many would consider to be the perfect cutting steroid.

Some users have even found that their lean tissue levels further develop whilst using primobolan despite them operating around a calorie deficit. Whether or not this takes place is largely going to depend on your nutritional practices, but should they be of a high standard then it’s feasible to gain lean tissue even whilst cutting.

Using Primobolan In An Off-Season Cycle


Whilst this is by no means a conventional manner to use this steroid, it is theoretically possible for a male to use it in this fashion and it is actually highly effective when used in this capacity by a female. For a male who wishes to gain mass whilst using primobolan, they are going to need to take a scientifically structured approach to their nutrition in order to ensure that they progressively gain lean muscle tissue.

Primobolan is ironically what could be considered as a “true” mass gainer in that it only develops lean muscle tissue as opposed to the “excess” that other gainers carry with them. Admittedly, these latter products can lead to enhanced lean mass gain when compared to the likes of anadrol and dianabol – but it comes at a greater cost.

This great cost is excess body fat and water – admittedly these elements help to enhance the overall size of the individual, but it is not “true” mass. On balance, primobolan won’t lead to quite as much lean tissue gain as these highly potent agents, but what it does deliver will be high quality. In order to guarantee this progressive but high quality mass, you’ll need to eat roughly 250 calories over your maintenance level (we’ll shortly discuss how to figure out your daily nutrient totals.)

It’s also important that you perform weekly checks on your lean mass and body fat percentages to ensure that your lean tissue is increasing whilst your body fat percentage is reducing. This is going to be the best indicator of lean muscle tissue development as should the lean mass percentage increase and the body fat level stay roughly the same, what you’re gaining is pure muscle tissue as opposed to any excess fat / water.

At least, this is what a male primobolan bulking cycle would look like when this product was used in isolation – it can easily be combined with other items in order to enhance anabolism and iron out the “weaknesses” primobolan has. We are of course speaking about male use at this moment; female use is a different ball game altogether.

When Using Primobolan As A Female


Female steroid use is risky territory, but the DHT derivatives tend to be very accommodating for the female body on the whole and primobolan is no exception. The reason why they are accommodating is because of their (usually) low androgenicity when compared to other steroid types.

Whilst androgenic issues arising in men can be a problem (the development of male pattern baldness / sporadic hair growth for instance being some of the more problematic symptoms) they are incredibly powerful with women, and sometimes irreversible.

It’s also worth noting that any steroid that is mild in nature for a man typically ends up being highly potent (whilst still being manageable) for a female.

This means that when female users administer DHT derivatives like anavar or primobolan they benefit from the fat burning and strength increase whilst also receiving a surge in anabolism that allows them to advance their lean tissue respectably far beyond normal means.

Provided the dosing is responsible, androgenic side effects are going to be highly unlikely. Female users stand to both increase their muscular visibility whilst simultaneously gaining mass, meaning that they can use primobolan for either a cutting or bulking phase.

Typically, females favour the oral variant being that its strength is somewhat diminished when compared to the injectable variants; this serves as a double countermeasure against androgenism.

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