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CrazyBulk has been on the headlines in major forums for all the wrong reasons. When they aren’t selling substandard products, they are shipping incomplete packages, and in worst cases denying ever trading with you. It’s a shop that you cannot reliably find quality Primobolan or even begin a safe cutting cycle thanks to its poorly researched product description.
Not so impressive online ratings & testimonials…
Shockingly, even with the quality of CrazyBulk’s Primobolan being poor, you’ll still spend a fortune ordering it. Of course, you won’t get the results that you desire but the side effects will be crazy and they won’t spare your liver. Sadly, the “professional” support staff that was admirably receptive at the beginning, will suddenly be unavailable to pacify your venting.

CrazyBulk has a deep-rooted scam history and you should shun it if you want to run an effective Primobolan cycle. You can try reliable alternatives such as Top Steroids that have been in the steroid industry long enough. There’s really no need to invest your hard-earned money in a store that’s visually appealing on the outside but marred with fraudulence on the inside.


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CrazyBulks sells substandard Primobolan, is notorious for sending incomplete packages & has an unprofessional customer care. Here’s more…

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Niels Dowell

All I can say is that PRIMOBOLAN is an incredible product. But for more effectiveness, you should take it at least every two days. Your veins will appear from everywhere and you will appear extremely dry and thin.

Vince Taylor

Very good product, it is the third time now that I take PRIMOBOLAN and I am always amazed by the results.

Rob Horry

It works terribly well, combined with testosterone in small doses. My veins did not take long to appear after just one month of use. It is a product created for the Apollos.