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I’m a nutrition counselor and former IFBB professional athlete (15 years) and I will get you in the best shape of your life. I show you how to achieve fitness goals, maintain healthy fitness habits and I can also teach you how to incorporate outstanding and proven steroid cycles. For me this is a lifestyle, with no compromises.

I provide full on and off season competition preparation and coaching, including nutrition, anabolic steroids, supplements, posing and stagecraft. I use a monitored and measured training system, and an exclusive range of scientifically backed supplements.

Don’t waste months or even years simply spinning your wheels and never reaching your genetic potential. We pay particularly close attention to nutrition and the latest dietary supplementation. We‘ve found that many trainers focus on exercise to the detriment of proper cycle advice and guidance. This is the polar opposite of the approach we take as we know that what you use and how you use it is as crucial to your progress as how you train in the gym.

Our workouts and cycles are designed to overcome all plateaus and enable you to pack on the most muscle in the shortest possible time.

— Nutrition Counselor

Niels Dowell

All I can say is that PRIMOBOLAN is an incredible product. But for more effectiveness, you should take it at least every two days. Your veins will appear from everywhere and you will appear extremely dry and thin.

Vince Taylor

Very good product, it is the third time now that I take PRIMOBOLAN and I am always amazed by the results.

Rob Horry

It works terribly well, combined with testosterone in small doses. My veins did not take long to appear after just one month of use. It is a product created for the Apollos.